Welcome to Allied Alchemy

A Creative Studio in Vancouver Canada

Who We Are

Allied Alchemy Studios is a creative development studio in Vancouver, Canada. We create stories in multiple media including fiction, film, and graphic novel form. Although our projects include a variety of genres, our primary focus is on fantasy and science fiction stories with cross-platform potential.

Our Mission

We tell stories that we want to read ourselves. Stories of adventure, stories that stretch our ideas of what's possible, that take us to new worlds and new ideas. Diversity, imagination, and the endless possibilities that lurk just on the other side of what we know...

Our Projects

Our current lead projects are Tesla vs Cthulhu, a story of the greatest inventor the world has ever known against the greatest danger the human mind can imagine, and the Kingsgate series, a tale of parallel universes. You can also find out more about our other projects here.

Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards


Jeff Richards is a writer, creative entrepreneur, and filmmaker. He has written for feature film, television, and video games, and written, directed, and produced numerous short films. He has also consulted on projects for a wide variety of other creators, including award-winning authors and screenwriters at Marvel and Sony. In his past work as an independent film development executive, he was responsible for developing over a dozen feature properties and closed production deals worth a combined estimated production value of $25M. He is currently developing three fiction IPs involving multiple novels.

His background includes writing, performing, composing, and directing credits in independent film, contemporary theatre, Shakespeare, musical theatre, and opera. Jeff is also proud to be an honorary member of the Takaya Wolf Clan of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation.

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