In a world of ones and zeroes... a man will stand up and be counted.

A new virtual reality simulation has been created. It is grand. It is majestic. It needs someone to test it who is intelligent, daring, brave, and shrewd.

Instead, it got Jack.

When Industrial United Enterprise Devices Ltd. creates a new, all-encompassing virtual world, they need to discover what happens when someone spends a lot of time in it. Like, a lot of time. Far more time than anyone would want to. Thankfully, Jack doesn't read contracts too carefully, and he's signed up himself, his acerbic technophobe friend Alistair, and Alistair's game-obsessed ex, Helen, who seems to be enjoying their plight a little too much. They're trapped in an ever-changing computer simulation that is only partially complete and still full of programming errors, their only guide a personal assistant program nammed S.A.R.A., the Sentient Adaptive Realtime Assistant. Unfortunately, Sara's even more neurotic than they are, plus she's been corrupted by a virus for porn sites and she has a tendency to blurt out highly inappropriate advice at times.

Jacked started as a web series project, and will continue as a fiction series. Photos and the trailer coming soon!