The Breaker of Worlds

The first novel in the Kingsgate series

The city of Kingsgate. A place of danger and magic, where life is cheap and the mysterious substance known as Juice is prized above all else. In the streets, you can buy anything, even dreams, and in the bar you purchase drinks from Mrs. Stitch with mementoes. You can play Eight-Finger Eddie at a game of cards, but he only has one bet in mind and he'll quit when he gets to ten, he swears. Oracle Nick will tell the future, let you know what he hears from the voices in his unplugged headphones. Outside, the shadows are full of danger; if the Eaters don't get you, you have to keep an eye out for Mr. No One and his massive knife. None see his face and live. And over it all presides the Grey King, who has ruled for a thousand years

Jess, a disgraced medical student, is trying to find her sick sister when she is ripped away from Earth and into the world of Kingsgate. Now she has to stay alive long enough to find her sister and a way home, or else be trapped in the deadly streets of Kingsgate forever...