Additional projects

In addition to our main projects, here are a few other concepts we're developing. Some began life as feature films or TV series, others as game concepts or animation. For now, we're not committing to what direction each project will take, but don't be surprised to see these take center stage down the road...

Reginald Green, Evil Genius

ImageReginald Green is a ten year old boy who dreams of world domination. While his friends play video games and practice sports, he tries to invent mind control devices and death rays. He's an utter failure... until one day, a chance soda spill makes his most cherished invention work... and everything changes... He starts to think he's being watched, that his teachers are secret agents, his next door neighbour a rival evil genius, the local sports team a CIA hit squad. Now it will take all of his ingenuity to succeed. All he wants to do is rule the world; is that so wrong?

Invaders from Mars

ImageJake convinces his brother Sam to give up life in the big city in favour of an idyllic small town. However, since they're private investigators, they're slowly going bankrupt. Fortune seems to turn around for them when a missing person case turns up, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when the cause of the disappearances is revealed... Invaders from Mars!

A sci-fi comedy musical, Invaders from Mars includes songs ranging from the Broadway-style "Rise & Shine" to the Fosse-esque "The Feds are Here", the hard driving "The Martian Stomp" to the funkalicious "The Second Amendment Boogie". Listen to two of the songs below, sung by Rebecca Talbot. What does the future hold for Invaders? We shall see...


ImageIn the future, humanity has been transferred into computer systems. However, with infinite lifespans and unlimited pleasure just waiting to be accessed, the vast majority have succumbed to depression and have deleted themselves. The last remaining human exists with the main computer his only company. However, readings of the dead world that Earth has become give unexpected results, and the last human may not be as alone as he thinks...


ImageA new mother discovers a four-leaf clover on the way to the hospital and gives it to her newborn son, even naming him after the good luck charm. Clover, now 25, is sick of his mediocre life and throws away the clover, only to find that everything about his life turns horrible. Now he has to find his good luck charm before his attrocious natural luck kills him.

At Night They Hunt

ImageAlan suffers the same fate of many older spouses; caring for his wife Rose as she slips further and further into dementia. However, a chance comment from Rose sticks in Alan's head, and when he encounters something he cannot believe, he is forced to realize that Rose's condition may be very different from what he thought it was.


ImageIn a massive metropolis, a superhero and supervillain battle for the fate of the citizenry below. But Harold wishes they'd do it somewhere else. All he wants to do is sell sandwiches. However, he realizes that there is evil afoot that even a superhero may be ill-equipped to deal with, and Harold may hold the key to saving the entire city.

Killing Kings

ImageA modern day retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, Killing Kings tells the story of Sara, a lowly gang member who is framed for the murder of a Russian organized crime boss. Sent away for life, Sara escapes years later, and plans the revenge she's been dreaming of...

The Last Colony

ImageEarth is in total environmental collapse, and the last remnants of humanity are placed aboard ten colony ships, massive vessals that have stripped the wounded planet of almost all of its available resources. The ships are to fly in all directions, seeking a home. But one by one, they drop out of communication, scattered reports of being attacked, of unknown ferocious enemies... then silence. The last ship flees, finds a planet that can barely support them, and lands, shutting down all systems and adopting a primitive existence, hiding from whatever nearly exterminated humanity. Anything that broadcasts is forbidden, and a near-religious system emerges, keeping everyone safe. But a curious young girl makes a discovery that shatters their peace, and which may mean the danger is closer than anyone realizes.

Raggedy Man

ImageWilliam is a reporter badly in need of a story, but when he discovers one about missing children, his world starts to unravel. Impossible things begin to happen; messages from the children are coming to him through his television, a small girl speaks in the sound of griding metal, and elements from the children's lives start to take over his own. He worries he is losing his mind, but the truth is far more dreadful than that...