Light vs dark. Science vs the occult. Electricity vs magic. Tesla vs Cthulhu.

Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor the world has ever known, is unaware that his experiments have drawn the attention of horrors beyond imagining: the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. The dead speak, hideous half-human monstrosities lurk in dark places, and over it all tower the threats of the Great Old Ones, monstrous god-like beings out of nightmare, such as Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and Great Cthulhu himself.

In his initial encounters with these creatures in the wild forests of coastal British Columbia, Tesla meets Elaine West, a graduate student of Miskatonic University and the sole survivor of Miskatonic’s doomed expedition to Desolation Sound. West is not only a driven and intelligent woman, she is also a woman of action in a time that rejects her. She recognizes the dangers they face, but a part of her loves the opportunity to throw off the boundaries of her age and take charge. Now, she and Tesla unite to solve the mysteries of what these creatures are, where they have come from… and whether or not they can be sent back. Their adventures will take them through fabled Lovecraftian settings like Arkham, Miskatonic University, Innsmouth, and worlds beyond anything humanity has known.

Tesla vs Cthulhu is a transmedia tale encompassing fiction, film, and graphic novels, with games set in the universe in development. Learn more about the stories below!

The Siege of Arkham

ImageHaving faced Cthulhu in the wilds of Desolation Sound, Elaine West and Nikola Tesla return to Arkham only to be betrayed by those they felt they could trust. Now they discover that, where treachery and guile have failed, all-out force may succeed. A series of seemingly-unrelated disappearances across the country point to a horrible truth... that the city may, for the first time, be facing the full power of the dark forces moving against it, and only West and Tesla stand between the citizens of Arkham and complete annihilation... (Fiction)

The Nightmare of Desolation Sound

ImageElaine West was the sole survivor of the disastrous Miskatonic University expedition to Desolation Sound, in the wilds of British Columbia. In The Nightmare of Desolation Sound, she returns with a tale that is frankly hard to believe, including meeting Nikola Tesla, the most famous inventor of the age. However, events soon show West and Tesla that, while Desolation Sound may be far away, the dangers they encountered there are very near indeed… (Film)
Photos from the film, the shoot, and our premiere are coming soon!

The Darkness in the Water

Imagellustrated by Michael Zigerlig and written by Jeff Richards, The Darkness in the Water is a short graphic novel that tells the tale of Nikola Tesla’s arrival in Desolation Sound, his first encounters with the dark creatures that dwell there, and how he and Elaine West first meet, as well as the impending arrival of the darkness in the water…(Graphic Novel)

The Report of Elaine West

ImageHalf report, half journal, The Report of Elaine West is her own thoughts on the astounding occurrences of the Desolation Sound expedition. She turned in a report to the professors at Miskatonic University, but this is her unedited version with notes, including her despair at being able to ever tell the truth. Even given Miskatonic’s fabled encounters with the mysterious and arcane, can they possibly believe her? – (Fiction)

The Dread that Dwelled in Innsmouth

ImageThree years after the fateful expedition to Desolation Sound, Elaine West and Nikola Tesla discover a journal regarding the strange happenings in Innsmouth the night Robert Olmstead sought to escape the Gilman House Hotel and his legions of pursuers. Curious, they investigate, only to find Innsmouth ruined and deserted… or so they think. A sudden attack leaves them separated, injured, and facing The Dread that Dwelled in Innsmouth, a far greater horror than even Olmstead could have possibly imagined… – (Fiction)

The Gate of Azathoth

ImageA conspiracy is growing, one that reaches far beyond the streets of Arkham. West and Tesla must travel the world to unearth the truth behind a dreadful ritual, and for the first time they are aware of the sheer magnitude of what they may be facing... the blind insane god-like being at the center of reality: dread Azathoth. - (Fiction)